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Welcome to ZRMED

ZRMED has extensive experience in custom manufacturing and privately labeling Respiratory &Anesthesia Products and a wide array of disposable products.Allow us the opportunity to find a solution that suits your needs.

oxygen mask series from ZRMED, include oxygen mask,nasal cannula, Oxygen Mask with Reservoir Bag, venturi mask, Tracheostomy Mask

Oxygen Mask Series,oxygen mask, Nasual cannula,non-rebreath oxygen mask

Aerosol therapy from ZRMED, include nebulizer mask, nebulizer mask with mouthpiece

Aerosol Therapy,nebulizer mask(with mouthpiece)

zrmed for endotracheal tube,accept OEM ,CE approved

Endotracheal tube, preformed nasal/oral ettube, silicone

ZRMED for zrmed for anesthesia mask include PVC mask, silicone mask,accept OEM ,CE approved

Anesthesia Mask, Face mask with cushion,Sicilone Mask,simple mask

ZRMED for laryngeal mask,include silicone PVC laryngeal mask, accept OEM ,CE approved

Laryngeal Mask, Silicone Laryngeal Mask, PVC  Laryngeal Mask…

ZRMED for anesthesia breathing circuit, accept OEM ,CE approved

Breathing Circuit, Anesthesia circuit, HME Filter,Catheter Mount …

zrmed for airway series, include guedel airway, Nasopharyngeal Airway, Berman Guedel Airway,Accept OEM, CE approved

Airway, Guedel airway,Berman airway,Nasopharyngeal Airway

zrmed for resuscitator, have PVC resuscitator, silicone resuscitator, OEM acceptable, CE approved

Resuscitator,Silicone/PVC/SEBS Manual Resuscitator


ZRMED is a OEM factory for respiratory and anesthesia products like oxygen mask, nebulizer mask etc

Does your business searching for a supplier of high quality respiratory and anesthesia products?

ZRMED is a manufacturer of good quality of oxygen mask,nebulizer mask, dental products, consumable medical products

ZRMED is a OEM factory for respiratory and anesthesia products like oxygen mask, nebulizer mask etc

CEO Alex

We are CE ISO  approved company, offer many additional convenient services. All of which cannot be easily provided by other consumable medical supplier.