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Asia to replace Europe as the second-largest healthcare market by 2025

Research firm Frost & Sullivan has recently said that Asia is all set to replace Europe as the second-largest healthcare market in the world by 2025. The new analysis, "Vision 2025 - Future of Healthcare," which is part of Frost & Sullivan's Advanced Medical Technologies Growth Partnership Service program, sees the global healthcare industry growing [...]

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Zai Lab Limited Announces Closing of U.S. Initial Public Offering of ADSs

 2017|Source:CHINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCEFOR IMPORT&EXPORT OF MEDICINES &HEALTH PRODUCTS|Author: NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zai Lab Limited (“Zai Lab”) announces the closing of its U.S. initial public offering of 9,583,333 American depositary shares (“ADSs”) at a price of US$18.00 per ADS, which includes the 1,250,000 shares sold upon full exercise of the [...]

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CCCMHPIE released 2016 China’s medical foreign trade data

Monday, 13 February 2017|Source:CHINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCEFOR IMPORT&EXPORT OF MEDICINES &HEALTH PRODUCTS|Author: China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCMHPIE) released 2016 China’s foreign trade data of medical products on 10th Feb, 2017. According China custom’s data, the total import and export data in 2016 reached $103.4 billion, slightly [...]

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China’s health service industry to reach $2.4t by 2030

China will boost its health-related industries and estimates the market for health services will reach 16 trillion yuan ($2.4 trillion) by 2030, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) said recently. "China will continue to facilitate the integration of its health-related industries with the elderly care, tourism, internet, fitness and food industries," said Hou [...]

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Healthcare reform policies in first half of 2017 in China

Premier Li Keqiang has said, “Medical reform should respond to people’s top concerns.” In the first half of 2017, several healthcare reform policies were issued, aimed at making healthcare service more convenient and affordable. (ZRMED -leading manufacturer,suppliers and exporter of oxygen mask, nebulizer mask, nasal cannula, consumable medical products ) Make healthcare more convenient Build [...]

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What’s the difference between standard and flare-tip nasal cannulas?

What’s the difference between standard and flare-tip nasal cannulas? As you know EDS stands for our Electronic Delivery System The triggering of the system depends on the EDS unit sensing the drop in pressure during the initial part of each inhalation. This is sensed internally by a pressure sensor, which then triggers a valve and [...]

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Why all chinese factory rise price-reason three

10,000 polluting companies  shut down Environmental inspectors sent by the central government uncovered severe problems in Tianjin and the provinces of Anhui and Shanxi during a monthlong review and said slack leadership has led to environmental degradation in some areas. The inspectors transferred 11,527 pollution-related cases to the provincial-level governments, following the highest-level environmental inspection [...]

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Why all chinese factory rise price-reason two

China announces year-long inspection of air quality in northern cities BEIJING, April 5 (Xinhua) -- In the largest national-level inspection on record, more than two dozen cities in north China will face a strict one-year inspection over air pollution prevention, China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) announced Wednesday. Some 5,600 environmental inspectors will be sent [...]

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Why all Chinese factory rise in price

The seventh round strict air pollution inspection completed By Du Xuanyi BEIJING, Jul. 23 (CENEWS)-The seventh round of the yearlong strict inspection on air pollution control had been completed by Jul. 20. Between Jul. 7 and Jul. 20, the inspection teams checked a total of 5,322 businesses (organizations), and found environmental incompliances in 1,389 of [...]

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Know more about Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Therapy Oxygen therapy is the administration of oxygen as a medical intervention, which can be for a variety of purposes in both chronic and acute patient care. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygenation is essential for all normal physiological functions.[1] High blood and tissue levels of oxygen can be helpful or damaging, depending on circumstances and oxygen therapy [...]

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Argentina publish on plastic hypodermic syringe anti-dumping review final ruling

August 14, 2017, the Argentine Production Department issued 2017 Resolution 360-E, issued on the origin of Chinese plastic hypodermic anti-dumping situation changes combined sunset review final results, decided to continue to impose anti-dumping duties, the rate of FOB price 59%, valid for 5 years. The products involved in Spanish Language: jeringas con y sin aguja, [...]

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develop of china medical business

Between 2014 and 2016, China-Russian pharmaceutical/medical device trade was affected by Western sanctions in Russia, and China exports fell sharply from $ 1 billion in , down to $ 850 million in 2016, and the slowdown in medical device products. With the gradual improvement of the Russian economy and the development of the localization of [...]

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